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  • Bierset - The Herald (Melbourne)-1912




        Antoine “the Healer” is dead, but “Antoinism” still exists.You may remember (said the Paris correspondent of the “Daily Telegraph” on September 20), that a month or two ago a couple appeared before the Courts on a charge of having caused the death of their little girl by criminal negligence. They professed themselves the disciples of Antoine and refused to call in medical aid.    There was considerable doubt to their sanity, but Parisian newspapers took up the case with some vigor at the time. It now appears that the disciples of the dead Antoine are still strong in numbers and in faith. His mantle has been donned by him wife who calls herself by the simple title of the “Mere” Antoine.
        Yesterday at the village of Bierset, between Brussels and Liege, was inaugurate a new temple of the faithful disciples of the Healer.      It is tiny building, hardly larger than a garage.     It contains no altar, no hangings, and only a few wooden benches.      The ceremony of its inauguration was attended by over a thousand Antoinist, who reached the temple by car, by carriage, and by railway.    Some of the disciples would have found it difficult to install their motor-cars in the new tabernacle of their cult.     All were dressed in the characteristic garb of the Antonists – closely buttoned surtout, resembling the “soutane” of a priest, and dark trousers.     Almost all the men wore square boards, and a high-crowned felt at graced their exuberant looks. The women, even the girls, were also in black, with a sort of widow’s bonnet and long crepe veil.     The “Mere” Antoine officiated.     There were no prayer and no hymns, only rather striking figure of the “Mere” Antoine holding out her hands in a strange and not unimpressive dumb show.     Antoinism, one learns, is going ground in Paris. In different quarters of the capital there are five weekly meetings of Antoinists, and money is pouring into the coffers of the sect, which has bought a large property with the sums received from anonymous donors.

    The Herald (Melbourne), Do 14 Nov 1912 (Page 3)

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  •     M. Gilles-Joseph-Alfred Lefebvre, marchand de houille, né à Hermalle-sous-Huy le 21 mars 1879, veuf en premières noces de Marie-Anne-Joseph David et époux en secondes noces de dame Joséphine-Marie-Scholastique David, née à Bierset le 28 mai 1887, demeurant à Bierset.

        M. Noël David, marchand de chevaux, né à Velroux le 3 avril 1856, époux de dame Mélanie-Marie-Jeanne Melin, ménagère, née à Bierset le 18 décembre 1856, demeurant à Bierset.

        M. Jean-Joseph Gysens, ouvrier d'usine, né à Awans le 3 août 1881, époux de dame Marie-Catherine David, ménagère, née à Bierset le 24 décembre 1882, demeurant à Hollogne-aux-Pierres.

    MM. Lefebvre, David et Gysens :
        Un temple, sis à Bierset, en lieu dit rue Chaussée de Liége, pour une contenance de 60 m2, joignant Parmentier-Hanson, David-Mélin et Lefebvre-Gilles et le chemin de Waremme à Liége.

    Procès verbal de la Fondation d'Etablissement d'Utilité Publique, le 3 octobre 1922
    Recueil des circulaires, instructions et autres actes émanés du Ministère de la Justice ou Relatifs à ce Département. Troisième série. 1922

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