• Caudry - The Express and Telegraph (Adelaide, Di 7 Mai 1912)

    Caudry - The Express and Telegraph (Adelaide, Di 7 Mai 1912)


    “Anthony, the Healer.”

        The former blacksmith of Jemeppe, known as “Anthony the Healer,” is again in the public eye by reason of a remarkable cure which he is supposed to have effected.
        In Caudry (French Department of the Nord) a group of the Anthony sect was established, and several of its women members took to Jemeppe a young girl who had been lame from birth, and could only walk a few steps with great trouble.
        After her visit to “Anthony the Healer” the girl obtained the use of her limbs. When she returned home a crowd gathered in front of the house, and to prove that she was no longer a cripple she threw up the window and walked across the room.
        The girl declared that as soon as she entered the healer’s house she was seized with excitement, and was moved to cry out her faith in him. To her great joy she found that she could walk.
        The sect of Anthony is increasing, and a year ago he approached the Government with a view to obtaining official recognition of his power of healing.

    The Express and Telegraph (Adelaide, Di 7 Mai 1912)

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