• Law of conscience (Loi de la conscience en anglais)

        I am going to tell you how you must understand the divine laws and how they can act upon us.
        You know that it is recognized that life is everywhere; if a void existed, nothingness would also have its raison d'être.
        Something I can also affirm is that love exists everywhere; and just as there is love, there is also intelligence and conscience. Intelligence and conscience, united, constitute a unity, the great mystery - God.
        In order to make you understand what the laws are, I must return to what I have already said concerning fluids: as many exist as there are thoughts. We have the faculty to manage them and to establish laws for them by means of thought, according to our desire to act. Those which we impose on our fellows, are likewise imposed on us. Such are the laws of the interior, ordinarily called the laws of God.
        As te exterior laws, called laws of nature, ther are the instinct of live which manifests itself in matter, clothing itself in all nuances, taking numerous and incalculable forms according to the nature of the seed of the ambient fluids.
        This is the way of everything; everything has its instinct; even the stars which hover in infinite space are directed by the contact of fluids and instindtively follow their orbit.
        If God had established laws for going to Him, they would be an obstacle to our free will; whether they were relative or absolute, they would be obligatory, for we could not dispense with them in order to attain our end. But God leaves to each person the faculty of establishing his laws according to necessity; this is yet another proof of His love.
        Every law must be based on conscience. Do not say 'laws of God', therefore, but rather 'laws of conscience'.
        This revelation comes from the very principles of love, from that love which overflows from every direction, which is found at the centers of the stars as well as in the depths of the oceans, from that love the perfume of which is manifested everywhere, wich nourishes all the kingdoms of nature and which maintains equilibrium and harmony throughout the universe.

    traduction issue de
    René Guénon, The Spiritist Fallacy
    source : Google Books

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