• Les dix principes en anglais

    God speaks:

    - First principle: If you love me - -you will not teach it to anyone - since you know that I reside - only in the breast of man. You cannot testify that there exists - a supreme goodness while you isolate me from your neighbor.

    - Second principle: Do not believe in him who speaks to you of me - whose intention may be to convert you. - If you respect every belief - as well as him who has none - you know, in spite of your ignorance - more than can tell you.

    - Third principle: You cannot teach morality to anyone - that would be proof - that you are not doing good - because morality is not taught by words - but by exemple, and do not see evil in anything.

    - Fourth principle: Never say that you are being charitable - to someone who seems miserable to you - that would be to imply - that I am without consideration, that I am not good - that I am a bad father - a miser - leaving hisoffspring hungry. - If you act toward your fellows - as a true brother - you are charitable only to yourself - this you must know. - Since nothing is good if it is not shared - you have only bestowed on him - the fulfillment of your duty.

    - Fifth principle: Strive always to love him who says - he is 'your enemy' - it is for you to learn to know yourself - that I place him in your path. - But see the evil in yourself rather than in him - this will be the sovereign remedy.

    - Sixth principle: When you seek to know the cause - of your sufferings - which you always rightly undergo - you will find it in the incompatibility of - intelligence and conscience - which establish between themselves terms of comparison. - You cannot feel the least suffering - unless it be make you aware - that intelligence is opposed to conscience - this is what must not be forgotten.

    - Seventh principle: Strive to understand yourself - for even the least suffering is due to your - intelligence which always wants to gain more - it makes of itself a stepping-stone for mercy - intending that everything be subordinate to it.

    - Eighth principle: Do not let your intelligence be your master - which always seeks only to raise itself higher - more and more - it tramples conscience under foot - claiming that it is matter - that gives - the virtues - while it contains only misery - souls which you call -'abandoned' - which have acted only to satisfy - their intelligence which has led them astray.

    - Ninth principle: Everything that is useful for you in the present - as well as for the future - if you do not doubt in any way - will be given to you over and above. - Improve yourselves - you will recall the past - you will rememeber - that it has been said to you: 'Knock, I will open to you - I am in the know-thyself...'

    - Tenth principle: Do not think of always doing good - when a brother comes to you to your aid - you can act to the contrary - hinder his progress. - Know that a great trial - will be yourrecompense - if you humiliate him and compel respect. - When you want to act - never base yourself on your belief - because it can lead you astray - base yourself always on conscience - which wishes to direct you, it cannot deceive you.

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