• morceau d'une brochure de journal (Oakland Tribune, California, page 3 (March 26, 1927))

        Prof. Albert Van Der Naillen, called the world's oldest authour, has discovered the Fountain of Youth. Verging on 98, today he is busy reading proof for his latest book. The hand that holds the proofs is firm. The eye that scans them seldom needs a glass lens.
        "How to live to be 98, you ask. The whole secret is in my book," he declares.
        Besides being one of the most interesting men in Oakland, with records of a vigorous and useful life, Prof. Van Der Naillen has delved deep into occult. From the retort of a near-century of living, he has produced crystals of eternal wisdom.
        "What is your advice to a man or woman on the threshhold of life?" he was asked.
        "Whatever you do, ask yourself : 'Will God approve?''
        The professor's coming book is "Sacred Revelations of Antoine, the Wonderful Divine Healer."
        The next question was:
        "Can a man restore his shattered faith in God?"
        His answer was:
        "Yes. Faith comes through experience."
        Q.- Should a young man join a church?
        A.- He sould have a religion, remain true to it, and practice it with all sincerity.
        Q.- What is the rule for long life and happiness?
        A.- In all that you do, keep in touch with the higher Power. Ask yourself if God will approve and have faith in his approval. That embodies the theory of life and os a certain guide to morality.
        Q.- Should we help others?
        A.- Never thrust anything on a man. It is not right to take a fellow being out of the gutter unless he reaches out a hand or expresses a desire for help. What we do, we must do free, all of us.
        Q.- Does a faith prayer bring material blessings?
        A.- Yes, if the motive for possession is right.

    sur la couverture du livre Albert van der Naillen, In the sanctuary. Sequel to On the heights of Himalay (1896 [c1895])(archive.org)

        On le retrouve sur le site newspaperarchive.com qui ne possède malheureusement pas d'accès gratuit :

    morceau d'une brochure de journal (Oakland Tribune, California, page 3 (March 26, 1927))

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