• Paul Richard - The Eternal Wisdom (1922)

    Paul Richard - The Eternal Wisdom Vol. I (1922)

    Auteur : Paul Richard (Marsillargues, 17 juin 1874 - New-York, juin 1967) cf. https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Richard-5377
    Titre : The Eternal Wisdom, Vol. I
    Éditions : Ganesh & Co., Madras, 1922Paul Richard - The Eternal Wisdom (1922)

        Après avoir été membre de l'Église réformée de France à Lille, il se tourne vers la théosophie et sera le second époux de Mirra Alfassa (appelée Douce Mère ou la Mère, connue pour son parcours spirituel avec Sri Aurobindo, ses écrits, et pour être à l'origine de la cité d'Auroville en Inde).
        Pasteur à Lille, il fut avocat à la cour d'appel de Paris / homme politique (Parti républicain, radical et radical-socialiste) / journaliste (Le Siècle, puis l'Aurore) / conférencier / écrivain. Il est l'auteur de To the Nations, The Lord of the Nations, The Scourge of Christ, The Dawn Over Asia, The Challenge of the Future, To India: The Messages of the Himalayas, New Asia, Messages from the Future, The Eternal Wisdom and The Seven Steps to the New Age.
        On ne trouve pas de trace du Volume II. Le volume I regroupe des citations d'auteurs divers et variés (des textes sacrés hindous et chinois à la Bible, en passant par les philosophes grecs, Tolstoï, Eckhart ou Leibnitz), dont parmi les Modern Authors "Antoine the Healer", Antoine le Guérisseur. À lire en ligne sur https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.237715/page/n5/mode/2up

        Voici in extenso les citations d'Antoine the Healer (entre parenthèses les chapitres) :
    - The Catholic is our brother but the materialist not less. We owe him deference as to the greatest of believers. (WISDOM AND THE RELIGIONS)
    - The physical world is only a reflection of the spiritual. (THE GOD OF ALL ; THE GOD WHO IS IN ALL - I - THE SOLE ESSENCE)
    - Love which overflows on every side, which is found in the centre of the stars, which is in the depths of the Ocean — Love whose perfume declares itself everywhere, which nourishes all the kingdoms of Nature and which maintains equilibrium and harmony in the whole universe. (THE DIVINE ESSENCE)
    - God is not where we believe Him to be ; He is in ourselves. (GOD IN ALL)
    - One must be God in order to understand God. (TO BECOME GOD IN ORDER TO KNOW HIM)
    - There is nothing greater than the practice of the precept which says, “Know thyself”. (KNOW THYSELF)
    - To know is not to be well informed ; it is our own effort that must reveal all to us and we can owe nothing to other than ourselves. / We must distinguish between the knowledge which is due to the study and analysis of Matter and that which results from contact with life and a benevolent activity in the midst of humanity. (THE TRUE SCIENCE)
    - All the knowledge one can require emanates from this love. (THE WAY OF LOVE)
    - Often man is preoccupied with human rules and forgets the inner law. (MORAL INDEPENDENCE)
    - So long as we are attached to the form, we shall be unable to appreciate the substance, we shall have no notion of the causes the knowledge of which is the true knowing. (TO RENOUNCE THE ILLUSION OF THE WORLD)
    - When a thought rises in us, let us see whether it is not in touch with the inferior worlds. (THE MASTERY OF THE MIND)

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