• Albert van der Naillen, Revelations given to the world by Antoine [extrait]

        Having propounded all these questions to dear Mrs. Nucci, many of them pussling her in the extreme, she handed me twelve little booklets, a year's monthly publication of MR. Antoine's teachings bearing the title of "L'Oreole de la Conscience." "The Aura of Our Conscience." I took the little
    books home and commenced to study them. At first I was a little disappointed? The literary style was so different from any works I had perused on similar subjects, in fact there seemed to be no literary style or pretense to any literary merits at all, in the exposition of the philosophical and moral truths these booklets were intended to reveal. However, as the suject treated therein was of the utmost importance I buckled to the task, and soon found myself rewarded by the discovery that these insignificant loking little yellow covered pamphlets were simply a collection of precious moral jewels, to those who could read between the lines, ponder and reflect. And after having perused these booklets, pondering over their contents, reflecting on the importance of their teachings, I found myself meditating and reaching the following conclusions. The main Moral Jewels found in the booklets are the following:
        "Yes, for twenty centuries, and perhaps many centuries before that time, the world has been proclaiming those great and sacred moral precepts 'Love ye one another,' and 'Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.' And still, after this immense lapse of time, during all these centuries that have seen these precepts preached, we are forced to the sad conclusion, that we do not 'Love our Neighbor,' that our Neighbor does not Love us, and moreover, that we constantly do unto others that wich we would not wish others to do unto us."
        "Why is this?" we asked in great earnestness.
    Then we remembered these very teachings that were given in the churches, temples, and mosques, in a monotonous voice, week after week, without enthusiasm, as the fulfilment of a mere duty - simply giving out these great moral precepts, as a cold matter of fact implying that their mere utterance was simply to convince the world of their sublime truths, that humanity would bow to them in obedience and thus bring the millenium upon earth with ease, without worry, and without exertion.
        Now, this would all have been very well, if there had been no antagonism in the field whose deepest interest lay in preventing the putting into actual practice of the sublime truths. But this antagonist was there and is there today, more powerful than ever in the past, and keeps us in his claws, and that antagonist is none other than ourselves, our animal selves, the beast within us, as Mrs. Stern of Paris so tersely states in one of her beautiful books.
        The sublime and moral truths above referred to are appreciated to their full value by our higher self, by the angel within us ; but it is to our material body that is given the tasl to put into practice in our daily lives, these sublime truths. It refuses, however, to obey the command of our higher self, it being to the interest of our body, the beast, to oppose this command in order to be able to satisfy its earthly passions, gratify its lower senses, and this cannot be done by obeying the command of the Angel within us. The Angel command is to apply the sublime moral truths cited above to our every
    day life, to conform our every act to their precepts.
        It fact, our whole live consist in a battle, more or less earnest, more or less sincere, according to the greaer or less dregree os advancement of every individual man - yes, a battle between the Angel within us who points upward, and the beast, large or small which every one of us conceals within his breast, whose constant endeavors are to pull us earthward, downward.
        The inestimable merit of the doctrine of Mr. Antoine, as revealed in the booklets, consists mainly in giving a complete analysis, in laying bare the wiles and stratagems of our lower self for conquest, and on the other hand, in indicating most practically, - although in a deeply philosophical way, the many moral and spiritual means we have on hand always to help us overcome our ennemy ; and Antoine is unique at indicating in detail and in the most practical manner, the way we should call these helps and means to our assistance in evolving our daily spiritual lives.
                 "La Foi"  Faith
        "Faith is the greatest remedy for man's ills" he says.
        The inscription on the front page of his booklets commence thus:
        "The only remedy which can heal humanity is Faith," and from perusing his instructions, I should surmise, that he means the healing of moral and spiritual sickness as well as the illnesses of the human body.
        FAITH in God and Faith in Antoine and his
    powers seems to be the absolute essential for obtaining a cure.
        Faith, seems to build the only bridge upon which he can approach he sick: a fluidic link between the healer and his patient. The stronger the Faith, the easier and the closer he can approach the sufferer, form a spiritual diagnosis of his case and direct the true spiritual force and to heal him - the absolute confidence and certitude in the sufferer that only Mr. Antoine not only can but will heal him is the nearest approach to and is conducive to that Faith which lies yet deeper in the human soul.
        "FAITH," says the Master, "Is an experience acquired by belief. Any one possessing this Faith controls the future - and instinctively walks life's true path guided solely by the influences of his higher conscience."
        "Faith," in its true sens or understanding deals only with the moral laws and their faithful and unceasing application to daily practice in our lives.
        "FAITH," misunderstood or blind faith, imagines somewhere a land os eternal bliss, and it is in the hope of attaining this land of bliss that one mutters long prayers and orations
    .   "Our FAITH is proven by our virtue alone."
        "FAITH is a power acquired by experience. It enlightens us in all that is in the universe. Through Faith we may inderstand spiritual things, and our thought may feel and touch them as our hand deels and touches a material body.
        "Moral endeavors gradually brings us to FAITH." FAITH, as announced by Antoine is an unbounded
    faith in a universal Provindence, a loving, guiding influence ever tending to direct man in the true paths of live, an unseen but always active ure within man to elevate himself through the steady practice of the moral law, to be standard of spirituality always growing in power, as he gradually abandons purely material activities. Man may thus attain to that elevation of Spirit where all is hamorny within, where all is hamorny whiout, harmony with God and all existences in the Universe. This supreme Harmony is presided over with and by
                 LOVE by MORAL LAW
        "LOVE IS GOD," says Antoine.
        GOD being everywhere, love is everywhere manifest. It exists in all creations from the minutest atomic existence to God Himself. To be in harmony with that love is or duty, our destiny. All existences, through the ever active urge of Supreme Providence, live in harmony with this love. Man alone, being endowed with a free will, may disregard this inner urge of Providence and live a life of inharmony by disobeying the dictates of moral law. The man who obeys these moral laws and lovingly puts them into practice in his every day life, is in harmony with God, with his fellow men, with all creations and existences on this planet, and also must be in harmony with the Universe. The soul of this man is healthy, and according to Antoine's Revelations "When the soul is healthy it takes good care of the body it inhabits, and this body may never know illness."
        Putting these into constant practice the precepts of the moral law through love is the gist, the core, the heart of all Mr. Antoine's teachings, as it leads to that greatest of attainments: the formation of a healthy Soul.
        "If we have our doctrines at heart," he proclaims to his followers, "We will never cease comparing its teachings with our acts and see whether they harmonize."
        "Love is obtained only through good actions, good deeds."
        "When Love does not preside at charity, charitable actions only benefit the receiver. It leaves the donor without any merit.
        "When we give without love, the sacred fire is absent."
        This saying of Antoine's brings to memory an incident which struck me forcibly at the time as being an example of the doctrine of the love the Master promulgates.
        I was visiting a very rich gentleman who receives a quantity of letters every morning for assistance. The secretary who opened all these letters communicated the contents to him. He answered briefly in these terms, his words being dry. "Give thirty francs to this one, ten francs to that one, forty to that one."
        One letter was very pathetic. It came from a poor widow with several children, in absolute distress through no fault of her own. The gentleman listened carefully, it is true, but without uttering
    a single word of compassion or sympathy, ordered his secretary dryly, "Give her fifty francs."
        How different the feelings that controlled the dry words of the strict business man with those overwhelming the heart of Mrs. Nucci [who intercepted the Master for the sicks] when she enjoyed the many luxuries given her when for an entire week she delighted in the perfume of the cooking and re-cooking of the ox head.
        According to Mr. Antoine, all these gifts, given with a dry heart, bring no benefits to the giver. "Love and compassion must preside over all charities," and they were conspicuously absent in the donations of the above mentioned gentleman.
        When you meet an occasion for Charity, it is absolutely necessary to follow your first impuse," says the Master. "The first impulse is always one of sympathy, which is a derivative of love." The second thought is begotten through a sense of prudence, of caution, lest our charity might be worthlessly bestowed. The charity given after this second thought, is void of love; pridence is prevalent ant takes the place of Sympathy - such charity is no moral to the giver."
        After reading the above sentence and having meditated upon its deep significance I could not help comparing it to our dry business principles its very opposite, but equally true however in its own field of application. It says, "Never let impulse but reason guide your actions." So then the motive power of our actions in life may be entirely antipodal acording to the source orginating them; whether they emanate from our lower self the ma-
    terial man, or from our higher self the man spiritual. Both are evidently right in their own particular sphere. Love and spontaneity springing from the heart in one case, prudence and caution emanating from the brain in the second case." But how true and profound these precepts are, and how earnest we must be in the application in our every day life of the first, the higher principle. Charity it not limited to material donations, but to gifts of the spirit such as imparting moral counsel and spiritual advice, divine teachings, and many other activities in the soul realm! "In remaining obedient to the councel of prudence, we gradually become diffident and lose that divine treasure, the sacred fire of LOVE and FAITH," proclaims the Master, for LOVE and FAITH lead man to Light, to illumination. All true knowledge emanates from these two cardinal virtues... Intelligence gives us the knowledge of things material, and to it are due the wonderful manifestations of the industrial and commercial worlds. LOVE and FAITH give us the true anderstanding of things spiritual, the purpose of creation - the role man is assigned to play in it. FAITH lays open before us the ways and means to constantly better ourselves morally. Love and FAITH, united, bring us ever nearer to God, which means ever nearer to Omniscience, to Omnipotence! All knowledge and all power lays the evolution of all men!"
        There exists in the instructions given by Mr. Antoine, a series of precepts, which at first, are
    perhaps a little staggering to the man of the world, as this man is today. One os these precepts, also printed on the fronted page of his booklets, reads:
        "FAITH is born of LOVE; that kind of Love which convince us that God dwells in our very ennemies ; hence not loving our ennemies is not loving God ; it is the Love we have for our ennemies that renders us worthy of serving Him ; for that Love is truth in its very essence, for it is purity itself."
        I had been told repeatedly by Mrs. Nucci that Mr. Antoine, before he secluded himself in his temple, had been a simple mechanic, with but a common education, and here he set forth a precept of the highest philosophical and scientic import of recent discovery and accepted only by the higher evolved minds: the Universality of Life, the Immanence of God in all that is -
        It is true that Antoine, in one of his revelations already cited, promulgates: "Faith enlightens all that is. Through FAITH we may understand things spiritual, and our thoughts may feel and touch them as our hands feel and touch a material body." This statement certainly is in full accordence with the sacred scriptures.

    Albert van der Naillen, Revelations given to the world by Antoine, pp.49-58
    The Park Printing Co., Oakland, Cal., 1927

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