• Antoinistes et Juifs parisiens pendant la guerre

    Illustration : Suzanne Davy, née Marseille, une fille de Paulette et Paulette Bartel, née Tzesselsky, en France en 1979 (documents de Yossi Bartel, qu'il soit ici remercié)

        Similarly for Angèle Marseille and her daughter Suzanne lived in a Paris apartement building where they met the four members of the Tzesselsky family who where Jewish. On March 19, 1943, Suzanne learned that the Tzesselskys were about to be arrested. She insisted that they all spend the night in her morther's apartment. thus they eluded the police who came to fetch them late that evening. It was clear that the Tzesselskys could not remain in their apartement; they remained hidden whith Suzanne and her mother for eighteen months unbeknownst to all the other tenants. The two children were sheltered with anither family: they were later moved to another place under assumed identities. Suzanne visited the children regularly; these visits involved long trips by train and a seven- or eight-hour walk to a lone village where she introduced herself as a relative of the "orphaned" children. The Tzesselsky family was reunited at the end of the war. The Marseilles, members of the Antoiniste Church, a theosophical religion which emphasizes the divine-spiritual attributes of the individual, refused any monetary compensation for their charitable deed. "Without them, we should not have been citizens of Israel but perhaps a bit of ash on Mount Zion [where ashes of the victims who were burnt in the crematoria are preserved]," Paulette Tzesselsky states in her deposition.

    The Path of the Righteous: Gentile Rescuers of Jews During the Holocaust
    Mordecai Paldiel
    KTAV Publishing House, Inc., 1993

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    yossi bartel
    Mercredi 2 Septembre 2009 à 11:24
    paulette Tzesselsky
    hello. i am the son of paulette (today called paulette bartel) if you are interested i can send you more stuff about suzanne and the story include pics. i feel admiration for antoinisme .
    Vendredi 30 Octobre 2009 à 08:41
    Hi Yossi, I am interested to know the all story, the name of Paulette's parents and of her brother to tell the story on our website. Also, if you have some pictures of these period, it will be great. You can contact me at hkaufmann@ajpn.org. Thanks
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