• Antoinism Spreads (The Niagara Falls Gazette, Thursday, July 5, 1928)


    Religions Cult Teaching illness and Matter Unreal Has Over 100 Churches.

        PARIS, July 5. – (AP) – Antoinism, a religious cult that deals with mental and bodily ills, is to have a second church in Paris.
        The announcement caused Parisians to learn that this sect, only a generation old, has a hundred churches throughout the world ruled from the the town of Jemeppe-sur-Meuse, in Belgium, where "The Mother," widow of Antoine, founder and "The Father," still presides over the services.
        It is a tenet of the cult that illness and matter are unreal.


    The Niagara Falls Gazette, Thursday, July 5, 1928
    source : fultonhistory.com

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