• Arthur Conan Doyle - Pheneas Speaks (Direct Spirit Communications In the family Circle)

    March 8th, 1923.
    (J.C.D., A.C.D.)

    Pheneas speaking.
    I am an Arabian.

    The best of races.

    Thank you, dear friend. Naturally, I think so. I lived at Ur.*
    *It is stated that the lower part of Mesopotamia was settled from Arabia. Vide Browne's Story of the Jews, p. 22.

    Did you live at the time of Abraham ?

    Before then.

    Do you know Mrs. Carpenter's prophecies ?*
    *This lady had some information about the future.

    Quite well. It is all part of the scheme to dilute the world with this knowledge.

    Ought I to spread it ?

    Not yet. We will tell you when. Tell no one. There is so much I want to say, but the time is not yet.
    You can say as much as that, but do not tell the exact source yet.
    Never fear. Soon the things which are done in God's name which are cruel and wicked will not be able to exist. All shams will be swept away by then, and only truth will live. Love – love - love. England won't be like the present England then in any way.
    I am able now to keep in much closer touch with you both. Lily is very, very close to you always. It is her special duty to look after you and the children.
    God bless you, my dears. This has made me very happy. Keep peaceful. All is well.
    I fear the world is hopeless. Even after the fearful war, humanity is no better. It must change, and a new world be built up on real Christianity. This which you are preaching is the foundation of what is coming. All cruelty will vanish,
    because mankind will know and realise things then. Love will prevail, and so God's Personality will live everywhere instead of darkness. Go right on with the work you are doing, for many more must learn.


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