• Scientology and Religion (specially Antoinism)

        (Père) Louis-Joseph Antoine (1845-1912) was a Belgian miner who after reading the book Livre des Esprits by A. Kardec founded numerous churches, called temples, (in Belgium and also in Germany, France, Poland and countries in Africa and South America) where healing ceremonies took place. He was not a Christian. As a structural theosophist (he called himself the founder of "New Spiritualism") he was open to all forms of religious doctrines, especially from the East. His teaching: "Toute matière est illusion; le mal n'existe pas en soi mais est un produit de notre imagination. Le bonheur consiste à être dépouillé de tout désir, provoqué par la vue des formes changeantes et illusoires de la matière. De réincarnation en réincarnation, notre esprit atteindra un jour la libération." The Dictionary of Religions (University Press of France) calls this religion a sort of primitive Buddhism. His spiritual healing of the sick brought him to court in 1901 and 1907 (both the clergy and the legal medical anthorities accused him), where he, after arduous debate, was found innocent. Virtually the same happened to Mary Baker Eddy, George Fox and Emmanuel Swedenborg. Scientology has suffered similar persecution in some areas.

    Christiaan Vonck, Ph. D., Rector, Faculty for Comparative Study of Religions, Antwerp, Belgium
    Scientology and Religion, Freedom Publishing (Los Angeles)
    source : http://www.scientologytoday.org/experts/eng/vonck01.pdf

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